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Community Project  

What we believe  

Tesfa Football Academy, as a community centered entity that is upholding youth development as a core value, we use football to help the youth development and contributing for the positive transition to healthy and productive adulthood.

Jimma Project (Jimma Tesfa FC)   

The club was found when two young man from South Korea who visited Ethiopia for the first time in 2013 as member of NGO organization called Loving Concern International and two young Ethiopians who had vision of starting a youth football club in their region. In 2014 September, with twenty five young, passionate footballers from Jimma region, Jimma Tesfa was registered as a football club in ETF(Ethiopian Football Federation).

Chencha Project (Chencha Tesfa FC)   

Gamo Tesfa Project latched in 2017 in Chencha, southern Ethiopia, in a village close to Arbaminch in collaboration with a local NGO called WSG. TESFA Academy is able to bring a recognizable skill and talent  development on 25 young players who could represent and play for big clubs in the near future. 

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