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A Message from the Academy Director


I welcome you to a rich and fulfilling experience with TESFA Football

Academy and invite you to become a part of our world-class

Football training programs. TESFA provides a broad and balanced environment where youth players can grow into successful, confident, and influential soccer player. We are dedicated to helping all of our players realize their true potentials.

Students at TESFA Academy do not only excel in academics. The Academy  is committed to a balanced program that allows players to discover their talents and strengths and grow as individuals. This balance results in excellence in all areas including the altheletics, academics, service, and leadership.

TESFA Academy  actively promote character, creativity, and citizenship that will set our players apart for the rest of their lives. Since the founding of the academy, a goal of KIS is to encourage our players to become professional footballers. We know our players will make a difference, and we believe in each of them.

We invite you to join our TESFA community for the best time of your life.


John Hwang
TESFA Academy Director
Tel: +251-11-639-3949


Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Bole Sub City, Gerji

Korea Hospital Compound

Phone:    +251-935-126-252

             :   +251-91-325-7881

             :   +251-91-240-3173



문의해주셔서 감사합니다!

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